April 14th, 2023

Greetings, all!

Tomorrow begins my month-long hiatus. My partner is visiting me for a month (we're long distance) & I want to devote all of my time to them, so I won't be on social media or updating the blog very much, if at all. I will be reinstalling windows on a new SSD with a lot more space, so I can't really get started on any new projects right now. I want to work on my kidcore pages & my Ninten-Zone page, but I'm anticipating that I will need to do a lot of image downloading & editing, so I'm holding off on hoarding more files until the reinstallation is complete.

My plan with the Ninten-Zone is to showcase my IRL collections, & also create a big Homebrew resource directory. One of my interests is homebrewing Nintendo consoles, so I would love to create a masterlist of as many resources as I can possibly find in order to help others do the same! As for showing off my collection, I have an idea of creating a page that looks like a shelf, & putting pictures of the box art or cartridge of each that I own on it. I'm also thinking of a similar thing for my plushies section of the Kidcore Playground. Oh, so many ideas, I'm excited to start them all! Though I'm more excited to reunite with my partner, first.

Anyway, thank you to those who have been following along with the building up of my website. I look forward to sharing more experiences with you all soon. Take care, & see you next month!

PS: Enjoy being able to comment on posts now!

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