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Rescued June 9th, 2014 at 5 weeks old. She was found in our front yard crying because she lost her mama. She was severely infested with fleas & had a very bad case of roundworm. Had we not found her, she likely wouldn't have survived.

She is feisty & not afraid to tell you who's boss. She loves meeting new people, catnip, being talked to, & sitting in the sunshine. She hates chicken, being picked up, & Gem.


Adopted March 20th, 2016 at 3 years old. She was at a local rescue for the first 3 years of her life, & never once saw out of a window. The first time we saw her, my mom assumed she was a kitten & that she would get adopted. 6 months later, we saw her again, & my mom was so heartbroken that this little girl was still there that she immediately contacted the rescue to adopt her.

Robin is a very shy little girl. She hates to be touched, but loves to be spoken to. Her love language is blinking at you gently, & giving your hand a sniff (so long as you don't try to touch her.) She is a tiny cat who prefers to just do her own thing. She had been returned to the shelter repeatedly due to her crippling shyness, but we love her unconditionally, so she's with us forever. Even if we never get to pet her.


Adopted June 8th, 2016 at 1 year old. I started volunteering at the shelter that we adopted Robin from, & my mom would come with me. She met Harry & his littermate Lenny & was in love. At the time, we had 4 cats at home, so my mom thought we should only take one home, & she picked Harry first. He was so nervous when we brought him home that he stuffed himself into the radiator for 3 days, & scared us so badly that we had to pry off the paneling & force him out. Thankfully, he realized soon after that that he was safe to roam the house.

Harry is a large, quiet gentleman. He loves attention, though sometimes he will play hard-to-get to see if you're really worth his time. He is a lap cat, but be careful of his claws, because he will get so happy that he will make muffins on you & sometimes the claws slip out when he's doing that! Harry also has a respect for human culture, as he practices eating his food with his paws on the regular.


Adopted July 23rd, 2016 at 1 year old. After a bit over a month with Harry, my mom couldn't take the thought of Lenny still being at the shelter anymore. We brought him home, & he was absolutely ecstatic to get out of the shelter. He was feeling claustrophobic in the tiny area that he had been confined to, so when we brought him home, he started being EXTREMELY affectionate as if to say "thank you." He is one of our largest cats (tied with Frankie), & he has a very loud squeak! If he wants your attention, he WILL scream at you. (& scream isn't an exaggeration, cuz he is LOUD!) The way to his heart is via belly rubs. There is nothing he loves more than belly rubs.

Lenny is also somewhat the leader of the pack. A lot of the cats look up to him & seem to view him as top of the hierarchy. He was respected in this way back at the shelter, too. He doesn't really do anything to assert his dominance, but literally all of the cats love him. Some even try to seek out head-lickins' from him (which cats will only happily accept that from those they look up to!). It's hard not to love him, honestly, especially with that beautiful raccoon tail of his!


Adopted November 1st, 2016 at 1 & a half years old. Logan had spent several months at the shelter because he was a part of a dual-adoption with his brother named Jet. However, during their time at the shelter, the two grew apart, & Jet was adopted out. Logan was going to leave the shelter & go into foster care, which made both of my parents decide they wanted to take him home. Logan immediately fit in with the rest of the house. At the time, he was the 7th cat in the household. He required absolutely no adjustment time & acted like he had always lived with us from the moment we brought him home. The other cats were confused about why this new guy was acting like he was one of them... But over the years, Logan has grown to be the other leader of the pack. He is a gentle boy who loves to groom the other cats. Because of this nurturing nature, the others are very comfortable with him & will even seek him out for their regular dose of head-lickins'. He even used to groom my elderly kitty Sunflower when she was still alive, & she did NOT like the other cats touching her normally.

Logan loves love. He is a constant attention seeker. He will follow you around & try to trip you just so you'll pay attention to him. He will get in your face & meow until you give him love. He also loves belly rubs. He is a very social little guy, & often is one of the first to greet guests. The only thing this guy hates is being picked up & carried.


Adopted May 17th, 2017 at 8 months old. Scooter was a kitten at the shelter I volunteered at when I first met him. He was an extremely shy 12-week old that couldn't be touched. I dedicated a portion of my time every day that I went in to getting him socialized, & he turned into an affectionate lap cat. He had a brother that was adopted, & he remained at the shelter with his sister for quite a few months. Eventually, he started becoming depressed with his confined living space. My parents decided that they wanted to take him home. He took a few months to relax, but now he's a big love bug!

Scooter is the troublemaker of the bunch. He will demand head-lickins' from Lenny every day even though Lenny always smacks or bites him when he tries. He will sometimes start a bit of trouble with the other cats, though nothing all that malicious. He always has a look on his face like he's been caught doing something wrong! Despite how rotund he is, he still considers himself a lap cat. He might crush you to death, but it's meant with love. He's shy with guests, but once he gets to know you, he will be all over you with love.


Rescued July 19th, 2017 at 6 weeks old. This is the fella I like to call my son. Back in 2017, I was an early bird, getting up around 5am on the regular. I was sitting in my room, about to wake-'n-bake, when I heard a cat screaming outside. My mom thought I was being silly because we had 8 cats at the time & it had to be one of them. I looked out the window, & sure enough there was a tiny little grey kitten in the middle of the street screaming his lungs out. I ran outside & proceeded to spend half an hour in my neighbor's bushes trying to catch him. Eventually he ran out of the bush & got his head stuck in a fence, to which I pulled him out, pulled him close to my chest, & ran back home with him. He imprinted on me like a duckling after that, & now he can't handle being away from me for too long.

Monroe has a personality like no other. He is extremely friendly & loves to be loved. He likes being carried & sitting on my chest. He will scream at me until I pay attention to him or let him in my room, even if it's the middle of the night & I'm too busy being asleep to hear him. He is extremely excitable. There is nothing he loves more than a freshly made bed so he can go wild jumping around on it. He loves to play, & watch people do things. He's a very patient & well-behaved boy, most of the time...with exception to when he wants attention, or wants your food. Seriously, this little man is an absolute savage for human food. (I blame my dad!) I promise you that you will never meet a cat quite as unique & in-your-face as Monroe.


Rescued December 11th, 2017 at about 5 years old. Angel was found crying in our front yard on a very cold night. Someone had abandoned him outside, leaving him with simply a flea collar to defend himself (which the flea collar burned a ring into his neck, so it didn't even help him.) When it comes to cats & surviving outside, there is no cat more unfit to survive out there than Angel. He is extremely sociable & trusting, to the point where rescuing him was simply a matter of carrying him inside the house. He is always the first one to greet guests, no matter how new you are. His nickname is "Chirpy-Lurpy" because he has a very soft, raspy little chirp for a meow. He loves food & he loves attention. He is constantly reminding us to refill the dry food bowls, even when it's been only 2 minutes since we last refilled it. He's another one of our large boys too, weighing something around 15 pounds. I cannot comprehend how someone was cruel enough to take one of the most loving & affectionate cats on Earth & toss him out like yesterday's trash. You know what they say though... One man's trash is another man's treasure.


Rescued April 3rd, 2018 at about 9 years old. Frankie was a regular frequenting our property back in early 2018. He also had a brother who would frequent the property, though he proved to be more feral than Frankie was. Frankie saw rather quickly that we were a reliable source of food, & he started consistently spending his time in our yard, eventually deciding he didn't want to leave our yard & the connecting neighbors' yards. On March 31st, 2018, I looked outside to see a dead cat in the street. I could not identify the cat due to the damage done to its face, but my mom & I were terrified that it was our Frankie, who we had really been connecting with for some time. Thankfully, Frankie emerged safe & sound from under the neighbor's deck, though the loss of his brother was a horrible tragedy. We realized Frankie was no longer interested in crossing streets & dealing with the scariness that is the outside world. He started sleeping all night next to our back door at this point. We trapped him a few days later, & kept him caged in the garage until we were able to get him tested for FIV & FeLV, & get him neutered.

Frankie is a soldier. He was determined to be 8 to 10 years of age when he was neutered (we chose to go with the median for his age). He had spent many years populating the neighborhood. He is a very large cat & is not afraid to get feisty. Most of the cats fear him because of his somewhat-unpredictable temper. A lot of it stems from the trauma that was living outside for so long. He gets very hangry at feeding time & will fight with anyone who is in his vicinity until he ensures his dinner. He can be territorial & isn't afraid to assert his dominance over anyone. However, despite this, he has always held a high amount of respect for Lenny. I think he views him as his equal the most due to them both being the same size & therefore the largest cats of the household. As time goes on, Frankie has tried being more friendly & affectionate with the other cats, though they still fear him due to his temper. Despite his age, he is an extremely physically fit cat. He behaves like he's 10 years younger than he really is. He's also EXTREMELY shy with people who don't live in the house, even if he has met them many times. It has taken him a few years to be comfortable with my friends. When he trusts you though, there is nothing he loves more than being pet & talked to. He especially loves his belly rubbed. One of the best ways to get him to like you is to give him some food.


Rescued June 3rd, 2018 at 5 weeks old. Sherri was a kitten who took 3 days to find outside. She survived an intense rainstorm on her first night separated from her mother. 2 days passed & her mother never returned for her, so she would cry out in hopes someone would find her. On the 3rd day, I finally located her in my neighbor's bush. (Yes, the same neighbor. & no, I have not been stealing their cats, they hated cats & were ready to leave Sherri out to die in the summer heat.) I scooped Sherri up & ran back home with her, only dropping her when we got inside because she bit me with all of her strength. She was a tiny little pastry puff with a lot of sass, which still can be used to describe her today.

Sherri is an affectionate troublemaker. She likes to mark her territory with pee while also making the most loving eye contact you can imagine from a cat. She LOVES to be talked to, to the point where she will emotionally bond with you if you do it a lot. She loves being called by her nickname ("Pastry") the most. She will give you love on her terms, & when she does, she goes all out with the purrs & blinks. She's extremely playful, can be destructive, & is very intelligent. You can win her heart very easily by playing with her with a stick toy, or giving her a little bit of cheese to snack on.


Rescued February 24th, 2019 at about 1-2 years old. She would show up while we were trying to rescue Frankie, but because she was unspayed, she would run if she saw us 6 feet away. After having two litters in a neighbor's yard (different neighbor), they had her TNR'd (or... TSR'd in this case), which led to her mellowing out significantly. She ended up hanging out on both this neighbor's property & our property, though we did not know she was in said neighbor's yard until post-rescue. It took months of earning her trust, but one day my mom picked her up & carried her inside, & she was ours. We only learned the neighbor had been caring for her when she asked if we'd seen her. Our neighbor was happy that we took her in, because she had wanted to, but because of her dog, she couldn't.

Gem is an extremely tiny little maniac. She loves love, but easily gets overstimulated & will swat or bite you, then will continue to demand attention immediately after. She is our smallest cat, but that doesn't stop her from asserting her dominance around anyone who gets too close to her. She doesn't like being alone, & finds the dark scary unless there is a window she can look out of. She sleeps next to my mom's head every night.


Rescued October 1st, 2019 at about 1 year old. Jade is very likely to be Sherri's littermate. Her first sighting was as a kitten several months after Sherri's rescue, but she vanished until early 2019 when we were trying to rescue Gem. Once we rescued Gem, she showed up a couple more times before vanishing for 6 months. When she came back, she was frail & bloated, & trying to care for her 4 sons. She was skiddish but affectionate, & let us pet her before we brought her inside. She started off coming alone, but after a few days of feeding her, she introduced us to her 4 babies. It took us a few weeks, but we eventually brought her & her sons inside. Jade was the easiest of her family & only required us to convince her to come inside & close the door behind her.

Jade is an extremely affectionate & polite little girl. She responds to being called "Mama" because that's what she is! She is very closely bonded with her sons, even in their adulthood. She loves attention, but will only come to you if you give her permission. She will make eye contact with you until you say her name before she rubs against you. She likes to stand up on her hind legs just so she can nuzzle your hand if it's out of reach, which makes her look like she's doing a little dance. You will never meet a cat as polite & gentle as Miss Mama Jade. She is also small, though not as small as Gem. She's smaller than all of her sons, though.


Rescued September 29th, 2019 at 8 weeks old. Moses was the first of Jade's family to come inside. He went into the traps first. He is a chunky little man who loves to yell at anyone who looks or talks to him. He's affectionate, though also skittish & shy. He will often coo when he is happy to see you. You can usually find him hanging out on a cat tree, patiently observing everyone & saying hello to those he likes. Out of all his brothers, he is the most well-behaved, rarely causing any trouble with the others. Occasionally, though, he enjoys a good fight for dominance with his brother, Buttons.


Rescued October 1st, 2019 at 8 weeks old. Buttons was the second kitten to be rescued & the 3rd overall of Jade's family to come inside. He is the only one of Jade's family that isn't grey, instead sporting a handsome brown-tinted coat. He's a sleek & excitable little boy. He mews & will coo at you when he's happy to see you. He likes to do the same little dances that his mama does when she's feeling happy & affectionate. You can usually find him running around the house, hanging out on the top of the cat trees with Moses, or snoozing on my bed.


Rescued October 1st, 2019 at 8 weeks old. Buster was the third kitten & 4th overall of Jade's family to come inside. He was caught at the same time as Buttons. He is the most sociable of the boys, & is the only one who does not shy away from guests. He is a big & sleek little guy. He has a very innocent & loving little face, though he utilizes it to get away with a LOT of trouble-making. He is extremely territorial & marks as much as he possibly can with his pee, to the point where we have to have our house cleaned monthly in order to ensure we get everything. He has damaged quite a lot of our stuff & nearly caused 2 electrical fires. Despite this though, he's otherwise very well-behaved & loving. He will softly mew at you for attention, & gets very excited when you pet him. He tries to love the other cats, though some of them find him annoying from how in-your-face he can be. Even with the havoc he wreaks, he is still a very much beloved family member.


Rescued October 3rd, 2019 at 8 weeks old. Trevor was the fourth kitten & final member of Jade's family to come inside. He was the runt of the litter & also EXTREMELY skittish. I was so worried that I wouldn't get him inside, because he managed to take two extra days to get into the trap. Usually, it is a bad idea to bring the mother cat inside before all of her kittens, but because of his flight instincts, we ended up accidentally doing just that. Thankfully we were able to coax him into a trap with food on the 2nd day outside alone.

Despite his shyness, Trevor is a very loving little boy. He will politely hang out in your vicinity, mostly only feeling comfortable to be touched when his mama is being pet near him. He will gently mew at you & make very strong eye contact when he decides he is ready for some love. His shyness gets him bullied sometimes by the others, but otherwise he's a very chill little dude. Slowly over these past years he has been relaxing more & more, expanding his boundaries with something new every few months or so. He is no longer the true runt of his litter, though he is ever so slightly smaller than his brothers. (Still bigger than his mama, though!)

A memorial segment will be coming soon for my cats who have passed away.

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